Andrew Muska

Andrew Muska

Financial Advisor

Hi there, I'm Andrew Muska, a Financial Advisor at Soar Wealth Strategies. I've been in the financial industry since 2004 after completing my Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics in 2003. With almost two decades of experience under my belt, I've helped many clients work towards their financial goals and help secure their futures.

I'm a family man with two lovely children and a furry friend. When I'm not crunching numbers or discussing investment opportunities with clients, I love to make people laugh. I find humor to be one of the best ways to bring people together and lighten the mood, especially during stressful times.

I'm originally from Upstate New York, but I fell in love with Omaha after moving here in 2005. The Midwest has so much to offer, from the friendly people to the beautiful scenery. I particularly enjoy taking long road trips across the country and discovering new places.

Aside from financial planning, I have a passion for reading and history. Learning about the past and gaining insights into how people lived and thought is always fascinating to me. When I'm not working, you can usually find me with my nose buried in a book or exploring a museum.

As a Financial Advisor, I'm committed to helping my clients achieve their financial goals and secure their futures. I take the time to listen to each person's unique situation and work with them to develop a customized plan that meets their needs. I believe that building a strong relationship based on trust and open communication is the key to success in financial planning.

If you're looking for a knowledgeable and personable Financial Advisor in Omaha, I'd be happy to help. Let's work together to achieve your financial goals and create a secure future for you and your loved ones.